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In 1991 IMIM received the Board of Universities' accreditation as a University Institute.

In 1992 the Institute was responsible for the antidoping control tests for the Olympic and Paralimpic Games taking place in Barcelona. Coinciding with this event and the city’s urban improvements, the Institute moved to where it presently housed, a structure built specifically for the purpose.

In 1992 the IMIM Foundation was created as a private non-profit entity. The Foundation’s objectives focus on post-doctoral research and teaching activities in the field of Biomedicine and Health and Life Sciences and the promotion of such activities within the Municipal Institute of Health Care (IMAS).

In 1993 (DOG 274, November 19) IMIM achieved a University Institute status through its affiliation to the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB). Years later IMIM relinquish its affiliation to UAB due to existing agreements between IMAS and Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) that required IMIM to affiliate itself to UPF.

During 1995 and after ten years of existence, IMAS undertook a reorganization of its research. This reform introduced changes at different levels: the creation of IMAS specific scientific policies, the creation of multidisciplinary Research Units and Groups (most of them including a mix of clinical researchers from its hospitals), the improvement of administrative functions and the potentiation of research training/teaching by the establishment of its own third cycle (doctorate) program. This reorganization process made possible the integration of IMIM researchers with those from the rest of IMAS, and as a result the IMAS Research Committee was formed.

In 1998 ANEP carried out an external evaluation and as a result IMIM was structured into 13 Research Units and Groups, 7 of which are accredited by CIRIT as Quality Research Groups. Moreover IMIM is accredited by the Department of Health as a Joint Health Research Unit. Only three centers in Catalunya hold such title.

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