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Researcher (PhD in the area of Health Sciences).

Researcher/s responsible for the project:
Alexandre Calon
Project title:
Clinical value of tumor-associated fibroblasts in colorectal cancer patients treated with immunotherapy (LABAE235294CALO)
Research group / Service:
Translational research in tumor microenvironment
The selected person will join the Translational research in tumor microenvironment (Cancer research program).
Design and development of the project at the experimental level of the project. It will also perform transcriptomics; histology techniques; immunohistochemistry; molecular biology techniques; processing of participant samples; derivation of primary cell culture.
Doctorate in the area of Health Sciences.
Previous experience in the tasks described above is required. Experience in the study of the patient-derived organoids, gene editing by CRISPR/Cas9, and whole-genome microarray.
Knowledge of laboratory techniques: flow cytometry, cell culture, PCR, molecular biology techniques and other techniques to study cellular effects (viability, proliferation, apoptosis, migration, invasion, DNA damage). Highly recommended international , mentoring experience. Fluency in English and computer skills at Office and Internet user level required.
Additional information:
It will be valued to have published articles in indexed international journals. Autonomy in the experimental design and interpretation of results to carry out a scientific project and experience in presenting data and results in public in English will be positively valued.
Post-doctoral 12p
Schedule Retribution Hire date
Full time 28536.49 € bruts anuals June 2024

Aquest procés de selecció ha finalitzat en data 21-05-2024.

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