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Temporary calls


Laboratory technician (Senior technician in clinical and biomedical/ chemical laboratory or equivalent.).

Researcher/s responsible for the project:
Marta Crespo Barrio
Project title:
National Network of Renal Function Laboratories (PMP22/00119)
Research group / Service:
Kidney disease research group
The selected person will join the Kidney disease research group (Translational Clinical Research Program).
Participation in the participant recruitment process, organisation and management of the agenda, communication with the participant and updating of the database. Ensuring the established quality control requirements. Setting up the renal function study with the performance of the filtration measured with iohexol with DBS in our centre: pre-analytical process, in plasma and DBS, assessment of the quality of the sample, handling of the HPLC, validation process of the measurements in plasma and in DBS, as well as the calculation of the measured filtration. Incident resolution.
Clinical and Biomedical Laboratory Technician or equivalent.
Experience in the described tasks
The selected person will need to have knowledge of some basic research laboratory skills such as pipetting, peachimeter calibration, calculations of molar units of gram units and preparation of basic buffers in a research laboratory. Advanced knowledge in office package. Knowledge in database management. Knowledge of the technical aspects of the operation of analytical systems, especially in chromatographic techniques. Knowledge of English at an intermediate level.
Additional information:
The selected person will be located between the Reference Laboratory of Catalonia and the Nephrology Department of the Hospital de Mar. The cost of the contract is subsidized by the Carlos III Health Institute.
Duració determinada vinculat a programes finançats amb fons europeus (PRTR) 12p
Schedule Retribution Hire date
Part-time (30 hours/week) 14289.90 € bruts anuals April 2024

Aquest procés de selecció ha finalitzat en data 29-05-2024.

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